Schatz Wins Second Night Of Gold Cup
Written by Zach Davis   
Saturday, 11 September 2010 07:29

donny-schatzDonny Schatz picked up the win on the second night of the Gold Cup Race of Champions at Silver Dollar Speedway on Friday, his fourth World of Outlwas Sprint Car Series A-Main victory of the season.



“It was a great night for us,” said Schatz. “We kept plugging away and plugging away at it. It’s fun to race with guys like Paullie (McMahan) and Joey (Saldana). I haven’t had that much fun in a while. It’s good to have that and great to return to Victory Lane, especially here at Chico.”


Schatz started the 30-lap A-Main from the outside of the front row and worked his way around Paul McMahan for the lead on lap 13. Schatz paced the field for the remainder of the event to capture Outlaws career win number 104.


“The car was great, especially in traffic,” added Schatz. “I have struggled every time I have come back here after I won the Gold Cup (in 2004). A lot of it is probably having the hardest crash of your life and the fire and walking away from it and coming back to a place I enjoy. They do a great job here and make the track great. There was a middle, a top and a bottom. I got by Paul (McMahan) in traffic and just about got passed back. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. I hope the fans enjoyed every minute of it, because I know I did.”


McMahan started from the pole and led the first 12 laps before settling for a second place finish.


“We had a good run,” said McMahan. “I think my car may have been a little better than Donny’s (Schatz) in traffic. I think I got close to the lead there on lap-27. He got back around a lapped car and kind of used it as a pick. It was a good run and anytime you can run up front against these guys is great, especially here at home.”


Joey Saldana posted a third place finish Friday night to retake the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series point lead.


“I was dying for lapped traffic and when we got to it, I thought I was much better than those guys,” stated Saldana. “We were running the top in (turns) one and two and I think that was the difference. In traffic we had that yellow and just didn’t have enough time. It was a good run for us and we are in a pretty good spot for tomorrow.”


Jason Sides finished fourth and Jason Meyers fifth.


The World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series return to Silver Dollar Speedway Saturday, September 11, 2010 for the final night of the 57th Annual Gold Cup Race of Champions, with the winner of the 40-lap A-Main collecting $50,000.


World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series Results Friday, September 10, 2010
A-main (30 laps) - Starting Position [#]- Starting Position [#]
1) 15-Donny Schatz[2] [$8,000]
2) 91-Paul McMahan[1] [$4,000]
3) 9-Joey Saldana[8] [$2,500]
4) 7S-Jason Sides[5] [$2,200]
5) 14-Jason Meyers[6] [$2,100]
6) O-Jonathan Allard[7] [$2,000]
7) 3-Kerry Madsen[9] [$1,800]
8) 15H-Sam Hafertepe Jr.[3] [$1,600]
9) 99-Kyle Larson[12] [$1,500]
10) 1-Sammy Swindell[20] [$1,300]
11) 29-Bud Kaeding[21] [$1,200]
12) 121-Shane Golobic[15] [$1,100]
13) 5W-Lucas Wolfe[18] [$1,000]
14) 7-Craig Dollansky[23] [$700]
15) 49-Brad Sweet[17] [$600]
16) 63-Chad Kemenah[16] [$600]
17) 6-Danny Lasoski[10] [$600]
18) 11K-Kraig Kinser[24] [$600]
19) 11-Steve Kinser[22] [$600]
20) 51-Sean Becker[19] [$600]
21) R19-Jac Haudenschild[25] [$0]
22) 7B-Brent Bjork[13] [$600]
23) 33-Jayme Barnes[4] [$600]
24) 33E-Evan Suggs[11] [$600]
25) 94-Zach Zimmerly[14] [$600]

Note: Jac Haudenschild used a World of Outlaws Provisional to start the A-Feature.


Lap Leaders: Paul McMahan 1-12, Donny Schatz 13-30
KSE Hard Charger Award: Sammy Swindell


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